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Specialised translation refers to the translation of technical and specialised documents that require a high level of expertise and knowledge of the subject matter. These documents can range from medical reports, legal contracts, scientific papers, to engineering manuals. Unlike general translation, specialised translation requires a deep understanding of technical terminology, context, and the specific requirements of the target audience. In this article, we will explore the importance of accuracy and expertise in specialised translation.


Accuracy is crucial in specialised translation because even minor errors can have serious consequences. In medical translation, for example, an inaccurate translation of a prescription can result in serious harm to a patient. In legal translation, an error in a contract can lead to legal disputes and financial losses. Therefore, specialised translators must have a meticulous attention to detail and be able to accurately convey the intended meaning of the original text.


Expertise is equally important in specialised translation because it requires a deep understanding of the subject matter and technical terminology. A specialised translator must be familiar with the language used in the specific industry, as well as the cultural context in which the text was written. They must also be able to research and understand any new technical terminology that may arise. This requires not only a high level of language proficiency but also a strong background in the subject matter being translated.

Specialised Translation vs. Machine Translation

Machine translation, while advancing rapidly, still has limitations in specialised translation. Machine translation software relies on algorithms to translate text, which can result in inaccurate translations of complex technical terminology. Machine translation also lacks the cultural knowledge and human touch that a specialised translator can provide. Therefore, it is important to use a specialised translator to ensure the accuracy and quality of the translated text.

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One of our specialisations is based around bringing foreign professionals to Germany to fill the labour shortage or to have your foreign credientials recognised in Germany for immigration purposes. Below is more information in detail about our offers and governmental programmes.

Business Localisation

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While translation is the practice of changing a text from one language to another and preserving the meaning, localisation encompasses much more. Localisation also takes the target language and culture into consideration.

Language and Travel Services

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If you have ever wanted to travel far away from home but have had multiple follow-up questions, just ask us. Having many years of experience travelling and living abroad, our team can give you pointers and tips in a multiplicity of countries.

Professional Recognition

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In order to work in your trained profession in your new country of residence, you must have your training recognised by the appropriate authorities by a so-called equivalence determination.

Public Translations

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When addressing issues of critical importance, language, and its ability to convey the intended meaning correctly makes a big difference. Public sector translation services enable global institutions and international organisations to communicate with constituents effectively. 

Skilled Immigration

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Upon entry to your new home country, there will be a checklist of things you will need to do to get settled in. You will need to visit immigration for residency and work permission, city hall or the police to register your new address, a bank to open a new account, and the list goes on.

Urgent Translations

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We understand the urgency of the task at hand, but also know that it cannot come at the expense of quality. We are committed to the accuracy of our work and maintain high standards throughout the translation process.

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