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Whether you are a small to mid-sized company or a governmental agency, we have experience with them all. For over 30 years, we have partnered with SMEs, NGOs, embassies and more.

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The punctuality and reliability of the translations is also repeatedly emphasised by our partners, such as the ZAV. Together we have successfully brought more than one hundred skilled workers to Germany.

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In the age of digital information, communication between government agencies and their citizens has become increasingly diverse. When addressing issues of critical importance, language, and its ability to convey the intended meaning correctly makes a big difference. Public sector translation services enable global institutions and international organisations to communicate with constituents effectively. 

With over 6500 languages spoken in 195 countries throughout the world, each represents a population with their own unique customs, laws, and political desires. This is where accuracy comes in, of course, but the nuances of the language are what separates the good the from the great, which is where our specialist translation services come in. Regional and localised languages, idioms, and phrases are what you would expect from a native speaker, and it’s what we deliver.

Public translations are translations of documents that are essential for public services, including legal documents, medical records, and educational certificates. In this article, we will explore the importance of public translations and how they are crucial for individuals and society as a whole.

What are Public Translations?

Public translations are translations of official documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and academic transcripts. These translations are essential for individuals who are seeking access to public services, including healthcare, education, and legal services. Public translations are typically carried out by certified translators who are trained to accurately translate documents while adhering to specific guidelines and standards.

Importance of Public Translations

Access to Public Services

Public translations are essential for individuals who do not speak the language of the country where they are seeking access to public services. Whether it is healthcare, education, or legal services, individuals must be able to understand the information provided to them. Public translations ensure that individuals can access public services regardless of language, ensuring that everyone has equal access to these services.

Legal Requirements

Public translations are also necessary for individuals who are seeking legal services. Legal documents, such as contracts and court orders, need to be accurately translated to ensure that all parties involved understand the terms and conditions. Failure to translate legal documents accurately can result in legal disputes and can have serious consequences. Public translations ensure that legal documents are accurately translated and comply with legal requirements.


Education is a fundamental right, and access to education should not be hindered by language barriers. Public translations of academic transcripts and diplomas ensure that individuals can access education regardless of language. This is especially important for individuals seeking to study abroad, where academic transcripts and diplomas need to be translated to be recognized by educational institutions in the host country.

Cultural Diversity

Public translations also promote cultural diversity by allowing individuals from different linguistic backgrounds to participate in public services and events. By providing translations of public documents, events, and services, individuals from different linguistic backgrounds can feel included and part of the wider community.

Business Opportunities

Public translations also create business opportunities by enabling companies to expand their reach and target audiences in different linguistic regions. Accurate translations of product descriptions, marketing materials, and legal documents ensure that companies can operate in different countries and reach a wider audience.

Long-term Public Cooperation

We have long-standing relationships with various parts of government in several countries. Our mission is to integrate our translation services in our public clients’ processes efficiently and flawlessly, maintaining the highest standards of quality and responsiveness. Through our long-term cooperation with public administration, we’ve been helping public sector clients to meet government requirements for multilingual content and transition to the digital world. Whether it be national government and politics, social policies, international organisations or immigration policies, we have experienced it all.

Apart from public sector translations, we happily offer a full stack of translation services when it comes to representing you, your brand or business online. As a translation agency for more than 30 years, we have translated numerous technical documents. Our team has experts in the fields of medical, engineering, legal, and financial which we are happy to not only translate but extend your existing content.


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