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Contracts come in a multiplicity of forms. But whether you need the translation of an international business agreement or a new work contract, we can do it for you!

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Arranging Your Future

Foreign-language employment contract that you need to sign before starting work? Have a property purchase contract or other documents that have been drawn up by a notary in a written form? Moving into a new apartment and require your tenancy agreement translated so you can better understand your rights and obligations? This is our specialty!

When conducting any foreign business, it is easy to get lost in a language not your mother tongue. However, this contract may play a vital role in the next years of your life. It is therefore of utmost importance that you read and understand the contents of the contract. This is where we come in. We will be happy to support you in your international business with a contract translation and provide you with expert advice based on our many years of experience. Especially when cooperating with foreign business partners, expert knowledge and accuracy are essential.

Binding Agreements

Contract translations are a vital component of international business transactions. When businesses operate across borders, they need to ensure that their contracts are legally binding and enforceable in the target country. This means that all contracts must be translated accurately and in compliance with the laws and regulations of the target country. Contract translations require the services of professional translators who have expertise in legal and business terminology.

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties that specifies the terms and conditions of their business relationship. Contracts may cover a range of agreements, from employment contracts to service agreements, and they can vary greatly in length and complexity. When contracts are translated, it is essential that the translation is accurate and complete, and that all legal and technical terminology is correctly translated.

The importance of accurate contract translations cannot be overstated. Inaccurate translations can lead to misunderstandings, disputes and costly legal proceedings. In addition, if a contract is not legally enforceable due to translation errors, it can jeopardise the entire business relationship between the parties involved.

In many cases, contract translations require not only translation but also localisation. Localisation is the process of adapting a product or service to meet the cultural and linguistic needs of a particular market. In the context of contract translations, localisation means adapting the contract to reflect the legal and cultural norms of the target country.

Technical Terminology

Contract translations require specialist knowledge and experience. Legal and business terminology can be complex and technical, and translators must be familiar with the legal and regulatory framework of the target country. Professional translators who specialise in contract translations have the necessary expertise to translate complex legal and business terminology accurately and ensure that all legal and administrative requirements are met.

In addition to accuracy, speed is also a critical factor in contract translations. Business transactions often move quickly, and contracts need to be translated and delivered promptly to meet deadlines. Professional translation agencies offer fast turnaround times and can provide urgent translations when required.

It is essential to use a reputable and experienced translation service when translating contracts. The translation agency should have a proven track record in contract translations, with expertise in legal and business terminology. They should also have a thorough understanding of the legal and regulatory framework of the target country and be able to provide certified translations if required.

Certified translations are translations that have been verified and signed off by a professional translator, confirming that the translation is accurate and complete. Certified translations are often required for legal and administrative purposes and can be used in courts of law, immigration applications, and other official procedures.

We Got You Covered!

Contract translation is a highly specialised skill that requires an expert linguist to ensure complete accuracy. As a company with more than 30 years serving clients and thousands of projects under our belt, you can be certain we always use native-speaker translators with the appropriate qualifications to produce only top-quality texts.

With our qualified translations or certified translations you are on the safe side in your negotiations. If you have any hesitation in signing your contract, you may send us your contract or contractual documents that you wish to have translated as a Word or PDF document electronically and state the language combination you require as well as your deadline.


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