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As the world expands and goes digital, there are many other translation services we offer. Accompanying your website translations, you may have the need for software and intellectual property translations or subtitles to a video. These are also specialties of ours!

“Digital translations are the future. What was once limited to physical documents now has vastly expanded thanks to technology and digitalisation.”

Sabine Schneider


Digital Translations

There are several different types of digital content that can be translated using digital translation methods. Digital translation can also be applied to audio and video content, such as podcasts, software, webinars, and online courses. This type of content can be particularly challenging to translate, as it often involves not only translating the spoken content but also ensuring that subtitles or captions are accurate and easy to read. Human translation is often preferred for this type of content, as it allows for a greater understanding of the nuances of the language and cultural context.


The localisation of software demands more than a simple word-for-word translation. It requires proper knowledge of development, optimisation, and testing. If you are looking for a partner to translate your software, you’ve come to the right place. Our domain experts specialise in translating software for engineering, medical, and tech startups. Approaching a new audience does not have to be intimidating. With our team on your side, we will also make adjustments to the software while taking cultural nuances into consideration. We will also give you a better understanding of your target audience, bridging the cultural divide with our expertise and knowledge.

Intellectual Property

The umbrella of IP relates to everything created by the human mind and can be vital as a business's unique selling point. As IP laws vary from country to country, translating your IP documents clearly and precisely is imperative to protecting your property on a global scale. The process of submitting an application in each country you want to protect your IP is sometimes tedious and incomprehensible. It usually also requires you to have all your documents translated into each country’s official language. These documents must be as accurate as possible with the industry specific terms, or you risk misinterpretation or rejection altogether. We are experts in the field and can have your documents back to you within the desired timeline so you can submit your application on time and worry-free.


If you need to add subtitles in various languages to your YouTube videos for your company’s channel but are unsure where to start, look no further! You may add automatic subtitles via the video platform, but then you run the risk of certain words not being translated properly or being misconstrued. This could create an unfortunate situation and lead to a negative experience by the viewer or potential client. This is why it is very important to engage a professional translation agency to translate your subtitles, enhance your brand image and grow your outreach to an international audience.


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