Certified Translations

Have your translation certified for recognition at home or abroad.

A certified translation is required for numerous official purposes at home and abroad, both in business transactions and on a private level. These translations may only be produced by translators who are authorised to do so by the respective regional authorities. They certify with their stamp and signature that the translation is correct and complete with the respective source document. Please check out our variety of certified translations below.

Birth Certificate Translation

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You will need a birth certificate translation, for example, if you want to get married in Germany, to apply for an identity document, to register at the Residents' Registration Office or to apply for health insurance coverage.

Civil Status Translation

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People are looking for new opportunities for the future, leaving their home country for a variety of reasons to settle in another country, the relevant civil status documents must be presented to the relevant authorities for detailed verification and registration.

Contract Translation

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When conducting any foreign business, it is easy to get lost in a language not your mother tongue. However, this contract may play a vital role in the next years of your life. It is therefore of utmost importance that you read and understand the contents of the contract.

Marriage Certificate Translation

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Officially certified marriage certificates do not need to be complicated or expensive and are commonly required for official situations where you need to prove your marital status, such as visa applications, applying for a mortgage, legally changing your name or even opening a bank account.

Transcript Translation

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Our transcript translation services are carried out skilfully and delivered promptly, allowing you to concentrate on your application and ease your mind. Throughout the last 30 years, we have serviced thousands of clients with their specific translation requests with consistent satisfaction.

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