Our clients rate our translation services as excellent. The satisfaction of our clients is proof that we deliver fantastic results at competitive prices. But calculating the approximate cost of your translation depends on a number of factors. Below you can read more about how we do it.

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Translation rates

When calculating translation prices and rates, we look into each case individually. Several factors need to be taken into account, and for this reason we do cannot offer fixed prices. Language combination, complexity and volume, time frame, translation tools used, file type, and other specific needs all come into consideration for us to offer you top quality service at the best price.

Regular Translations General Quality Check Complete Quality check
General € 0.12 € 0.15
General € 0.13 € 0.15
General € 0.12 € 0.15
General € 0.12 € 0.15

Experts in the field

Professional translations come in all different types, fields, and niches. Areas such as law, business or science require the proper choice of words and precise technical vocabulary, and each area of expertise has its own terminology. In addition, professional translations require professional translators with specialised qualifications in a given field. As a company with more than 30 years serving clients and thousands of projects under our belt, you can be certain we always use native-speaker translators with the appropriate qualifications.

Our Clients

Allied Museum

Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Charité – Berlin University of Medicine

Eco Reg GmbH

MILES Mobility GmbH

Procado Consulting It- & Media Service GmbH

Spreewaldring Training Center GmbH

SVG Assekuranz-Service Berlin and Brandenburg GmbH

TIER Mobility SE

Von Poll Real Estate

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