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There are more than 350 million native Arabic speakers and an additional 270 million people that speak it as a secondary language.

About 1.3 billion people speak some form of Chinese, making it the language with the most native speakers.

English is the world’s most widely spoken language with 59 countries officially speaking it and an estimated 1 billion people who speak it as a secondary language.

Almost 300 million people worldwide speak French either as a native, or as their second language in 33 countries around the world.

As an official language of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg, around 130 million people speak German as their mother tongue.

Hindi is the most spoken language in India with 370 million people speaking it as their native language, and another 120 million speak it as a secondary language.

Italian is the official language of Italy, San Marino, Vatican City and Switzerland and there are approximately 67 million native speakers of Italian.

Today, 45 million people speak Polish as a native language with an additional 5 million speakers as a second language.


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Around 270 million people spread across 10 sovereign states and territories speak Portuguese and recognise it as their official language.

Russian is spoken by over 155 million people as a native language, and an additional 60 million that consider it their second language.

There are more than 430 million native speakers of Spanish in over 20 countries. Spanish is the official language of the majority of Central and South America.

With over 86 million people worldwide speaking Tamil as their mother tongue, it is the official language of Sri Lanka and Singapore.


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Today, around 40 million people speak Ukrainian as their native language.

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