About Us

Timeline of the Company


Schneiders-Sprach-Service was founded as a sole proprietorship in Berlin on 1 May 1990. Immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the owner took the plunge into self-employment, using her acquired language skills.

After 20 Years

The company has developed into an established translation agency in Germany. Translation and interpreting services in far more than 20 languages, travel language services and individual language tuition are among the services offered.

30 year Milestone

30 years of experience in the field of language services. Schneiders-Sprach-Service is a small, multinational family business with offices in Berlin, Brandenburg and Johor Bahru.

Our Values

A real family business since 1990

  1. Trustworthy cooperation

    We rely on long-term cooperation and partnerships with both our clients and our translators and other service providers, which are characterised by reliability, competence, adherence to deadlines and discretion. Without trust, partnerships cannot be developed in the long term and turned into successful projects for all parties.

  2. Understanding & accuracy

    Localising a text correctly requires an understanding of culture and language, experience in the relevant field and skill in application. To put ourselves in the client’s shoes, we go the extra mile and sometimes find alternative ways to get there through our advice.

  3. Not only correct, but to the point

    No two people are alike. It is the same with written text. A translation may be correct, but does it reflect the author’s intention? It is a question of understanding what exactly is meant and how the intention can best be conveyed in the target language.

  4. Individuality

    As a family business, we allow ourselves to interact with our clients on an individual basis and to respond to their multifaceted needs and issues, whether by phone, email, chat or in person. Our clients deal with real people. We enjoy a lively exchange with them.

  5. International & cosmopolitan

    We live internationality. Our team comprises 5 nations with different mother tongues. Our work allows us to be mobile so we can experience and unite languages, cultures and diversity at our respective locations.

Our vision

The world seems to be becoming more open and global. In the 21st century, however, we see that despite open borders, people do not necessarily understand each other better. The numerous conflicts in many parts of the world as well as the pandemic in recent years have tended to separate people rather than bring them together. The cause often lies in a lack of understanding for one another.

Languages are a building block for togetherness and not for separation. Languages mean communication.

We make the incomprehensible understandable. We overcome bureaucratic hurdles. We make our contribution to better understanding in the world. Things simply work better together.

Our Clients

Allied Museum

Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Charité – Berlin University of Medicine

Eco Reg GmbH

MILES Mobility GmbH

Procado Consulting It- & Media Service GmbH

Spreewaldring Training Center GmbH

SVG Assekuranz-Service Berlin and Brandenburg GmbH

TIER Mobility SE

Von Poll Real Estate

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