Working Translations and Translations for Publication

We work with two forms of translation, working translations and translations for publication. Working translations may be translations of correspondence, simple texts or product descriptions.

Editing and Proofreading

Depending on the purpose and intended use of the work, we recommend that translations be thoroughly edited and proofread before publication or printing. This can prevent errors that may arise in the workflow when text in different languages is typeset in a fixed layout, for example. Skipping steps here can have embarrassing consequences. Take advantage of our experience: we offer complete, expert editorial and proofreading services.

Translations You Can Trust

For 20 years we have been supplying trans- lation services in more than 20 languages. We have delivered successful translations for a very broad range of subjects and texts: from a single page to a complex publication; for companies of all sizes in all kinds of industries as well as for individuals.

Native Speakers and Specialists We assign translations to native speakers of the target language and to specialists in the given subject. This is your assurance of a good translation that renders all aspects of the original text with the necessary sensitivity. 

Source Language, Target Language, “Foreign-to-Foreign” Translation

The language in which the original text is written is called the source language; the language into which it is translated is the target language.
The translation you need may be from German into a foreign language or vice versa. Or you may need a translation from one foreign language into another. This is called “foreign-to-foreign” translation.