proven effective, builds confidence, and ensures a relaxed learning situation.

Our Courses

  • Spanish (Beginning, Refresher, and Advanced)
  • Portuguese (Beginning, Refresher, and Advanced)
  • English (Beginning, Refresher, and Advanced)
  • German as a Second Language

Our Target Groups

  • School and university students
  • Individuals of all nationalities
  • Businesses that want to improve their employees’ skills, with or without prior knowledge


Language Instruction for Personal or Business Needs

Discovering foreign countries and cultures and meeting new people is both fun and extra- ordinarily enriching. And it’s even better when you can communicate, when you understand the local language and what people have to say to you.

If you know many languages, you have many keys for a lock.
Voltaire, French philosopher

Or perhaps you need to refresh the language skills you acquired long ago. The learning methods in either case are quite different. Learners also prefer different ways of learning as well.

Individual and Personal Language Instruction

For those who would rather avoid language classes in large groups, or who find studying alone with digital media less than ideal, we offer individualised language instruction. Teaching can be one-on-one or in small groups.
Learn in a personal, private atmosphere, not like any school. This kind of learning has