Your Working Location

We assign a large portion of our translations to freelance professionals. Your location is not a major criterion.
Expertise in your subjects and a cooperative attitude are always primary. For interpreting assignments, the location is determined by the given client.

Where Should You Send Your Application?

Please, send your complete application to bewerbung(at)schneiders-sprach-service(dot)de.

Opportunities for Translators and Interpreters

We are always interested in qualified trans- lators, interpreters and teachers to reinforce our team.
In addition to thorough training or a degree in translating or interpreting, you should have the ability and the motivation to work very conscientiously and with absolute punctuality.
Reliability, customer service, discretion, and the willingness to work flexibly should be second nature to you.

Subjects and Languages

We are interested in translators and interpreters in all kinds of fields in the languages we offer.
We’d also like to hear from you if you work in another language.

What Should You Include with Your Application?