conditions and the source and target langu- ages are crucial, and can require very different treatment in different assignments.
The interpreter must also have thorough and current preparation in the subject to be discussed. We request that our clients provide suitable material for this purpose.

We take the time to serve you. In practice this means that our service entails more than simply coordinating the date, time, and contractual details of the inter- preter’s assignment with you by phone or mail. Our agency’s coordinator is always personally present on site. That is your assurance of optimum quality and super- vision at all times.

Interpreting Equipment

If you do not have your own equipment for a multilingual event — microphones, wireless headphones, etc. — we will be happy to provide it for you. Let us manage all your foreign language needs to make your meeting as successful as possible.

Interpreter Services

We interpret into one or more working languages for negotiations, conferences, meetings or other events with participants who speak different languages. Interpreting is either consecutive or simultaneous.

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreters

Consecutive interpreting means that the interpreter gives a translation in the target language after the original speaker has finished speaking. This is useful in situations such as plant or exhibition visits, guided tours, and the like.
Simultaneous interpreting means that the interpreter speaks at the same time as and without interrupting the original speaker. Simultaneous interpreters generally either sit near one or two listeners and whisper, or interpret from a soundproof booth for multiple listeners using headphones.

Conscientious Preparation: The Key to Successful Interpreting

We discuss the background information for the interpreting assignment with our client as precisely as possible. Criteria such as the type of event, the subject, the participants, the duration of the assignment, the site